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  1. We strongly recommend you to create your personal account on  before registration to receive all notification emails from     

              I have not received confirmation email for the registration.    

   When registering, please, protect your account with two-factor authentication 2FA.
  This protection means that to login to your personal account you should use both password and 6 digit code, which you receive on your cell phone. 

 You can withdraw coins using 2FA.

 2FA activation you can find on your Profile - Account Settings

            How to setup and to use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
If you do not have 2FA, you will receive an email with verification code.

2.  After registration and confirmation your account you are able to make your first deposit. To make a deposit you should create your wallet on our Exchange according to the chosen crypto-currencies.

After making a deposit, you can track its progress on the Deposit History tab

You can make only crypto-to-crypto deposit .

You are not able to make deposit in FIAT - USD, EUR. We are working on it.

How do I register ?

How to make a deposit?


3. Trade on is a very simple. You should open EXCHANGE page, choose the required pair on the right menu and create your purchase or sale order.

    How to make an order?

    How to cancel an order?

    What is a fee  on the completed of the order?

 4.  How to withdraw coins?

   To withdraw your coins, please, click on "WITHDRAW" button near the coin you would like to withdraw. Please, fill in all the required fields in the form. Click on " WITHDRAW" again and confirm the withdrawal procedure through your email (the email notification will be sent automatically) or 2FA and confirmation from email. Once you confirm the procedure, the withdrawal process will start.

Dear users! There are two ways to confirm coins withdrawal:

  1. If you have 2fa enabled in your account: 2fa code + email confirmation.
  2. If you don’t have 2fa: just email confirmation.

When you confirm your withdrawal through email, you must be logged in Stocks.Exchange website.

What should I do if I have received the message "withdrawal error"?

What should I do if I cannot withdraw my coins

What should I do if I have negative balance on my wallet and I cannot withdraw my coins?

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